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31st March, 2017 (Audited)
31st December, 2016 (Un-audited)
30th September, 2016 (Un-audited)
30th June, 2016 (Un-Audited)
31st March, 2016 (Audited)
31st December, 2015 (Un-Audited)
30th September, 2015 (Un-Audited)
30th June, 2015 (Un-Audited)
31st March, 2015 (Audited)
31st December, 2014 (Un-Audited)
30th September, 2014 (Un-Audited)
30th June, 2014 (Un-Audited)
31st March, 2014 (Audited)
31st December, 2013 (Un-Audited)
30th September, 2013 (Un-Audited)
30th June, 2013 (Un-Audited)
31st March 2013 (Audited)
31st December, 2012 (Un-Audited) 
30th September 2012 (Un-Audited)
30th June, 2012 (Un-Audited)
31st March, 2012 (Audited)
December, 2011 (Un-Audited)
September, 2011 (Un-Audited)
June, 2011 (Un-Audited)
December, 2010 (Un-Audited)
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