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31st AGM Outcome/Proceedings 28.09.2022
31st AGM E-voting and Scrutinizer Report 28.09.2022
31st AGM Annual Report 2021-22
31st AGM Notice 2021-22
Stock Exchange Letter for Dispatch of Notice along with Annual Report
31st AGM Newspaper Publication
Outcome of 30th Annual General Meeting 29-09-2021
30th AGM Scrutinizer Report and Voting Result 29-09-2021
Stock Exchange letter Dispatch Notice along with Annual Report
Proceedings of 29th Annual General Meeting
Evoting and Scruitinizer Report for 29th AGM held on 30 09 2020
30th AGM Notice of Evoting
28th AGM Scruitinizer Report and Evoting Result
28th AGM Outcome
27th AGM Outcome
27th AGM Evoting and Scruitinizer Report
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